REI Staging is a professional home staging company for Arizona real estate agents, new home builders, and real estate investors who want to sell their vacant investment properties faster and for more money. 

Founded in 2014, REI Staging is a complete home staging company for Arizona real estate agents, new home builders, and investors. We understand this business because this is how we got started. As a former real estate agent and fix and flipper, we began staging our own vacant investment properties in 2014 so they would sell faster and for more money…and they did! It didn’t take long before other investors and flippers took notice, asking us to stage their investment properties for them.

Combining decades of experience in sales & marketing, real estate, and interior design, we built and grew our business based on our “buyer-focused” business model.  Today, REI Staging remains a family owned and operated business with the sole purpose of staging homes so they appeal to the largest potential audience and sell as quickly as possible. Trusted by top real estate agents, builders, and real estate investors, REI Staging has become the premier staging company in the Phoenix metropolitan area.


Our passion is to stage every home so they stand out from their competition, receive more offers, and sell for more money.


Our “Buyer-Focused” business model of staging begins with the end in mind. Instead of focusing on the house, we start with the buyer. 


As Arizona natives, we know the Phoenix real estate market. By asking a lot of very specific questions we can determine WHO is most likely going to purchase your house. Our “Buyer Focused” business model to home staging calculates demographics, location, price point, land size, square footage, medium household income, and lifestyle to determine who is most likely to purchase your home. Our unique and modern approach to staging homes is ahead of the curve in the home staging industry.


Once we know WHO the likely buyer will be, we then draw up plan on HOW to stage the house so it attracts and appeals to those buyers online, and in person. This is done by designing a staging package complimenting the best features of your home in a way that caters and enhances how your buyers live, work, and play. This is where our sales and marketing background comes into action, and this is why our staging will sell your house faster and for top dollar!


Partnered with professional photography, our buyer-focused staging method will increase your return on investment by… 1) Making a great first impression. Most of the time the first impression is online. 2) Driving traffic to your home. A great first impression leads to more people wanting to see it in person,  3) Competition drives up offers and prices. Once at your home, will draw them in emotionally because we already created the perfect home for them. 4) Return on investment. Increase your return on investment by selling your property faster and for top dollar!

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